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Onadime is designed to sit between Artist and Audience. World-Sail(TM) delivers compositions to the world market in a whole new way. Stay tuned as we make file-sharing and capitalism not only compatible with each other, but reinforcing to creativity, learning and fun.

For worldwide distribution

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In 2005, Onadime patented World-Sail(TM), a secure internet distribution method for sharing music, visual and interactive files on the internet. Unlike other file sales and licensing systems, World-Sail(TM) is friendly to file sharing. It actually uses file sharing as a marketing tool, and rewards people for distributing files and making new customers.

What makes World-Sail(TM) so unique is that it employs a Peer-to-Peer-to-Peer distribution method where files float freely on the internet or any other means of distribution. When someone wants a file, they are able to buy it using the internet, regardless of where or who it came from.

Benefits to using World-Sail(TM) include:
• Ability to market entire libraries of music, visual and interactive content; including titles that are no longer in release.
• Patented method actually creates revenues from file sharing.
• Supplement and leverage rather than compete or cannibalize other distribution channels.
• Both individuals and large volume distributors benefit from world-sail.
• Enables digital "Word of Mouth" marketing.
• File sharing is rewarded because it reaches previously unreachable markets, distributes files at low cost, and creates compliance with copyright laws.
• Massive market appeal of peer-to-peer file sharing. Removes legal barriers to file-sharing and realizes new economic and technological benefits for people and business.
• Buyers can securely preview content before purchasing.
• Protects user privacy, while it accumulates market sales data.
• No physical goods or inventory management required. Transaction servers handle all sales, shares, and record-keeping.
• Allows different pricing and licenses for each market's usage (home, club, stage, on-air, etc.).
• No manufacturing, packaging, inventory storage or shipping costs.
• Low advertising and marketing costs because it relies heavily on "Word of Mouth" marketing.
• Digital transfer of content with no loss of quality. Supports standard industry encoding.
• Eliminates illegal copying. Legalizes sharing behavior.

In essence, World-Sail(TM) is an extremely safe, low-cost global digital media distribution system which assures copyright protection while offering high returns.

To find out more about how World-Sail(TM) can be licensed for your project, please contact our Exclusive Sales Representative, Jim McCullough via email: jim@onadime.com or via telephone: 415-331-6226.