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Why Onadime?

Our vision is to improve the overall intelligence and beauty of our culture and planet by adapting computers to humans - not the reverse. Onadime empowers creativity, insight, and capability in whatever arena empowers the creativity, insight, and capability to make the planet and culture more functionally adaptive to change in the living moment.

The purpose of Onadime Composer

image: %s Onadime Composer brings the nuance of live jazz performance to the world of digital media, it changes the computer into an instrument of art using real-time digital technology to listen to the moment and choreograph dynamic interactive full-sensory multimedia experiences. Onadime Composer is a new connective language, empowering a new genre of live digital media events and products, and expanding the vocabulary of art, education, science, and entertainment. It visual dataflow prgramming language is like multimedia legos: Unlimited in capability due to it's modular nature. Applications range from pure entertainment - visualizing music, to deep science - visualizing whale songs, to pure education - science fairs and autism research.

The purpose of Onamation

Onamation bridges creative-emotional/arts-technical divides, manifesting the digital presence of imaginary beings as interactive as any other person. We consolidate the creative energy of many art forms: Drawing and Animation, Set Design, Videography, and live improv performances by character voice Actors, Puppeteers, and even Video Editors, to make a series of spectacular moments that manifest the peculiar qualities of the individual character - and with no defect of rendering due to formatting for our technique. We presence any style of animation!

Onadime • The Live Digital Medium