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What People Are Saying About Onadime and Onadime Composer

"Onadime is the solution I've been looking for to embrace collaborative interactive teaching" — Professor Marcia Lyons, Cornell University

"Two thumbs up for Onadime Composer! It's intuitive. Composer's user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop programming, and concise PDF manual made us feel like instant multimedia mavens. We had a blast both creating and playing with live media in Composer. Nearly effortless motion-graphics creation. Intuitive GUI. Excellent manual. Composer's just the ticket." — Mac Addict Magazine and macaddict.com

"Onadime Composer rocks! You're gonna love it. It's really easy and really fast to make real-time experiences happen. Amazing!" — Joe Zane, Student, NY, NY

"The thing that amazes me most is the intuitive graphical user interface that gives me a vast amount of creative freedom without requiring me to write a single line of programming code." — Patrice Baumel, Artist, Amsterdam

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