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spaceghost 2006

"Space Ghost Live" at E3 Conference - Introducing the Turner GameTap

Onadime brought cult cartoon character "Space Ghost" to life at the E3 Conference in Los Angeles, May 10-12, for Turner's GameTap online gaming division. To accomplish this stage magic, Onadime used its patented real-time digital media platform and live lip-sync digital puppetry software, ONAmation.
Developed by Phillip Reay, Onamation™ is a platform for live digital puppets with instant voice lip-sync. Onamation characters can perform live for any audience, or be recorded to tape and edited.

At E3, on May 10-11, Space Ghost apeared on the big screen, to interview a number of industry executives as well as other E3 attendees. George Lowe performing the Space Ghost character voice, with Bruce Lanoil and Dave Barclay of PerformFX doing the the real-time puppetry. Technically, the sound of the voice actor and the live data from the digital puppeteers were mixed using Phillip Reay's ONamation, to create an interactive Space Ghost image. The media from the project was based entirely on the original show. No new original media was made, just remixed.

Turner's GameTap is an online service built to deliver and play games across multiple platforms and systems. GameTap features console games, PC games, even arcade games. GameTap offers the original games - not cheap knock-offs - sized full-screen to fit your monitor.

Onadime was chosen to bring Space Ghost Show to life based on its ability to match any animated look and deliver character performances with live lip sync and multiple camera views.

"We are pleased to play the unseen magician, bringing fans' favorite cartoon characters to life." says Bruce Mitchell, President and Co-founder of Onadime. Phillip Reay, System Designer, Co-founder and Producer, has worked diligently to create and refine the scope and real-time abilities of ONAmation.

Press Release for the Event