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sony e3 2003

Sony Playstation E3 Party Rocks with George Clinton

The 2003 Sony Playstation E3 party on May 13th rocked the house with George Clinton and some unusual live music-visuals. Onadime teamed up with Kevin Cohen and Shout Creative to project visuals that responded to the band's live music.

George Clinton at E3 Party
Specifically, the music-visuals were projected on two different elements. The first was composed of six 30-foot tall LED panels, with three on either side of the main stage. Each vertical screen had a raised dancing platform at its base and a matching 30-foot mirror touching its top and angled in towards the room center (4 of the 6 LED/mirror elements are seen in pic). This created a video ceiling effect from most places in the room. In the room center and over the dance floor, surrounding a 6-foot diameter mirror ball, were 6 edge-matched screens. These formed a tipped-out cylinder around the mirror ball for the music-visuals to play upon.

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