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Onadime Production Services

Onadime is a real-time platform for stage, screen and video production. It is a patented toolkit offering unparralled digital effects that can respond to live voice, music, and any digital sensor. As a production service, Onadime works closely with the clients to develop and deliver stunning visuals and live digital effects that realize the project vision.

Licensing and Partnerships

Digital Puppetry and Live Lip-Sync Animation

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Onadime has delivered major animated characters to the live production stage. These fully interactive digital puppets are voice-driven with real-time lip-sync and phoneme recognition. The Onamation system provides the freedom to improv the character's dialog, posture, and action on the fly, in any language. Known as Onamation™, the process can be used in to make animated television pilots, live interviews with live-action hosts, and fully live appearences on stage or set.

Music-Visuals and Video Motion Graphics

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Onadime brings live digital media to events, stage performances, and the video production market. Our integrated media server and real-time compositing engine instantly produce effects based on your media. Remix the moment by combining live video, live audio, recorded clips and a massive library of digital effects. Unlike traditional fixed music video productions, Onadime is real-time, allowing music-visuals that start, follow and stop with the music. Onadime has produced visuals for the world's biggest stages and largest media networks.