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privacy and terms

Privacy Policy

Onadime, Inc. respects your privacy and that is why we do not and will never give away or sell your private information to anyone.

Any information that is collected from the onadime.com website, including URL's that you submit or your contact information through inquiries, is kept completely confidential.

Throughout our website, you will see hyperlinks to other websites. If you click these links, they will take you to other websites off onadime.com. These other sites may have their own policies in place regarding your personal information. We have no control over these policies and recommend that you take the time to read each site's privacy policy before disclosing any personal information.

Anti-Spam Policy

Onadime, Inc. will never send out unsolicted commercial email, also known as "spam." Please contact us if you feel you are receiving spam from Onadime, Inc.

Terms of Use

Please take a moment to read the following "Terms of Use" for onadime.com. By using onadime.com, you indicate your agreement to these "Terms of Use." If you are not agreeable to these "Terms of Use," please do not use onadime.com.

All information and material on this site is copyrighted and no information or material from onadime.com may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means without first obtaining permission from its authors or creators.

You agree that you are responsible for any information that you submit to onadime.com, including but not limited to: articles, tips, images and any information submitted to our forums. You unconditionally guarantee that any information furnished to onadime.com for inclusion on this website is owned by you, or that you have permission from the rightful owner.

All information and material on onadime.com is provided on an as-is basis and under no circumstances shall onadime.com be liable for any damage to your computer system, data, or any personal objects that may result from viewing, printing or by any other means, accessing any material and/or data from onadime.com or any website it is linked to.

Onadime, Inc. does not guarantee the accuracy of any information included on this site.