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phillip reay

Onadime Creative Director

Phillip Reay

Phillip Reay is one of the founders of Onadime, Inc., and co-author of Onadime Composer with Geoffrey Coco He has made two patents for the project, one for World-Sail, a peer-to-peer "dandelion" file distribution e-commerce sales system, and the other for OVALL, the real-time visual dataflow programming technology. He is instrumental in the ongoing development of Onadime's real-time digital media system architecture, applications and website. Phillip is also a creative artist in the Onadime medium, developing interactive stage visuals for rock bands like the (Rolling Stones) and many other live music-visual events.

His original work on live-action digital puppets with real-time lipsynch has lead to various projects including Bugs Bunny for Warner Brothers, Bloo for Cartoon Network, and the fully furry Rhino. These live digital puppets are a breakthru in animation technique, allowing any look or production style and making fully interactive characters capable of improv interaction and speech. Called [onamation? onamation], Phillip and Dale Stammen advanced it into a web-based platform capable of recognizing over 15 sounds and delivering matching at HD resolution animation in real-time.

Phillip is a second generation designer and artist. His design company, Metacosm Design Labs, is located in Seattle, Washington where he also produces museum exhibits, soundscapes, websites, and very large digital kaleidoscopes.