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onadime composer

Onadime Composer - The Live Digital Medium

Rolling Stones
Welcome to Onadime! A real-time digital media software platform that remixes images, movies, and sounds in instant response to any digital sensor. Onadime transforms the computer into a flexible real-time instrument capable of reaching many markets. Onadime is a core technology allowing the creation of entirely new kinds of live digital media experiences, production effects, tools, and softgoods.

Onadime Benefits

Onadime has delivered cutting-edge music-visual stage effects for world tour with the Rolling Stones, and has also broken the real-time character animation barrier with Bugs Bunny Live for Warner Brothers Pictures, and Bloo Live for Cartoon Network. These fully interactive digital puppets have granted unscripted live interviews with the international media, made keynote presentations, and co-hosted a live-action pilot TV show. We are experienced in working with world-class clients to provide the key services needed to make our tools work for your project.

Stop Imagining, Start Building

Ten years in the making, Onadime combines live sensors, a media server, real-time rendering and visual data-flow programming to create a powerful tool for expression and experience. Designed to fit snugly between creative Artist and global Audience, our mission is to fuel human understanding and cultural growth with new technology for better living, learning, and communication. Designed and Engineered for use on stages, sets, and screens of all sizes, Onadime produces new possibilities for Education, Entertainment, and Business.

Recently, we have taken the next step to supporting global creativity with the granting of our second patent: World-Sail. This new e-commerce technology encourages file-sharing and protects copyrights, making it possible to reach bigger audiences, drop production costs, and move a better percentage of sales to Authors (encouraging more and better creative content.) It wraps any media file into a net-worthy digital envelope to be shipped, shared, sold, and shared again.

Onadime - The Live Digital Medium