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macworld NY 2001

Onadime Exhibits Breakthrough Technology at Macworld NY

Macworld Expo NY
July 18-21, 2001
Digital Media Special Interest Area
Booth 2303

At Macworld NY, Onadime, Inc., demonstrated its patented software technology that represents a breakthrough in human expression. Onadime's new release, Onadime Composer™, now available at http://www.onadime.com, has been called "the most revolutionary leap in creativity for the Mac since the introduction of PhotoShop."

(need more info on what happened at Macworld NY 2001, etc. Current info comes from press release; very redundant ‡)

Onadime Composer™ is a Macintosh-based creative tool-kit that links sound, visuals, and movement using real-time programming. Onadime Composer™ lets you create music visuals, video effects, live performances, real-time digital art and multimedia unlike any other software on the market. Free demo at: http://www.onadime.com/products/composer.html

Onadime Composer Delivers Three Powerful Resources

- Onadime Visual Link Language (OVALL)
- Real-time Digital Canvas
- Live-Performance System

Breakthrough Technology

The most dramatic feature of OVALL is live-action programming. Digitized images and sounds interplay with other entities and events. There's no waiting for the program to compile. Make a link and instantly see what happens.

Real-Time Digital Canvas

Onadime Composer's Digital Canvas can mix live video, still images, text, computer-generated graphics, QuickTime, and MPEG movies. Onadime adds audio capabilities and effects, full MIDI implementation and instant response to live music, MP3s, and CDs. Blend Media in real time and design customized inputs to drive the mix. Save your work as Onadime Compositions.

Live Performance System

Onadime Composer™ makes complex technology accessible to non-programmers. This live environment distinguishes Onadime and has established a new multifaceted art form that will transform the future of creativity.