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macworld NY 2000

Onadime Demos Dynamic Software at Macworld NY

July 18-21, 2000
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Onadime, Inc., demonstrated two new products, Onadime Composer™ and Onadime Player Plus™, at Macworld New York in Booth 2155.

(needs additional info for Macworld NY 2000; how many people saw the demos, their comments and reactions, etc. ‡)

Onadime Composer™ and Onadime Player Plus™ are both used for performance of Onadime Compositions. Onadime Composer™ creates new forms of entertainment in easily distributable software packages called Onadime Compositions. The Onadime Player Plus™ enables QuickTime export, enhances distribution options for Compositions, and automates live performance of all Onadime Compositions.

"Easy to Create" Software

No stage, no cameras, no props are needed to create music visualizations with Onadime Composer™. Non-programmers and programmers alike get expressive responsiveness from their computers in real-time. "What-you-see-is-what-you-get" takes a quantum leap to motion pictures. There is no waiting to see effects. Changes appear instantly. When everything is as it should be, the saved file becomes a stand-alone Onadime Composition, ready for web distribution and the Onadime Player™.

Powerful Visuals Effects Instantly

No other software offers the range and flexibility of expression available in Onadime Composer™. Instant responses to live music, MP3s, and CDs turn Onadime Compositions into visual songs as powerful as the music. For its visual pallet, Onadime Composer™ uses live video, canned video, 2D graphics, QuickTime and MPEG movies. To this it adds extensive effects and audio with a full MIDI implementation. With Onadime, virtual beauty becomes real in the eye of the beholder as inspiration is realized and exceeded.

Onadime Product Family

Onadime Player Plus™ is the first in the Onadime Performer™ series. Player Plus™ allows flexible performance of Onadime Compositions in noncommercial settings. Player Plus™ will be followed by Player Pro™ and Performer™ for commercial use in clubs, parties, theaters and concerts. Player Pro™ will automate performance tasks. Onadime Performer™ is a true virtual instrument for combining Compositions and effects on-the-fly into original moments of passage through its virtual environment of change and beauty.

3 Revolutions from Onadime

Easy creation of your own music visualizations.
Easy viewing and performing your own music visualizations.
Multimedia real-time interaction to give human intelligence access to the computer's capacities as never before.