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licensing and partnerships

Opportunities for Partnership

Onadime technologies can be licensed for your project or market. Please contact us to discuss your use today. We operate through exclusive licensing of each project to accomodate the particular product, use, and market. Onadime provides the expertise to produce the highest quality Onadime solution, and puts the power in your hands to bring it to market.

We are currently seeking partnering opportunities with established companies in market channels that can benefit from the many real-time sensor-to-effect applications possible with Onadime.


world sail is a global filesharing and publishing system designed for the cloud. By protecting Digital tranactions it secures the ownership of the file to individuals, making file-sharing into free marketing. Read more here

Live Animation

Licenses are available for vertical applications in televison and film productions, games, handhelds, and mobile markets.

Video Production

Onadime has distinguished itself as a cutting-edge live stage, animation, and video production tool. We contribute breakthrough creative options to projects, and seek according participation in motion picture and television productions.

Other Markets