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how onadime works

Designed to Rock the Free World

Simply put, Onadime lets you sculpt interactivity and share the results. It is a technology designed to live between the Artist and the Audience. A software that turns the computer into an infinitely versatile and fully playable audio-visual instrument, and the ultimate personal postmodern remixing tool, Onadime incorporates all existing linear media formats - and prefers your preferred editor - adding a new layer of live interactivity to any digital media production.

It's patented visual data-flow programming language (OVALL), choreographs the live dynamics of a truly infinite world of digital media effects for audio, video, and machine control. It's patented publishing system, World-Sail, creates new opportunities for artists, audiences, content companies, and culture itself by efficiently using natural market dynamics to reward creativity, community, and capitalism simultaneously.

Altogether, it raises the bar for what is possible in art, education, technology, and business; Onadime creates new opportunities for creatives, new world markets and channels for business and entertainment, fresh amazing content for the global audience, and new modes of culture and commerce.

How is Onadime like my Brain?

Onadime listens to live digital sensors, and processes them according to a visual connection dataflow diagram that controls live effects. It has a memory full of pictures, movies and sounds, and while the visual dataflow diagram doesn't work like your brain, it empowers it using visual qualitative connections, and full-time interactive fine-tuned response, the same way we naturally think.

Several core components are in the tool-kit for creating live digital media content.

Live Sensor Interface

Like the human nervous system, Onadime is able to coordinate and respond to a wide variety of common computer sensors. The Live Sensor Interface gathers all available digital inputs, such as live video, keyboards, mouse motion, live sound, etc. This data is then avalable for creative use in OVALL to build the creative works that respond to the moment.

Integrated Media Server

The Media Server is akin to the human memory. Onadime supports all the common media formats, allowing users to rapidly incorporate their own media into the environment. It recalls pictures, movies, sounds, and texts.

OVALL: Onadime Visual Action Link Language

Onadime Visual Action Link Language An Onadime Composition is a literal visual diagram of the relationships between digital resources used to reach the desired result. The Onadime Visual Action Link Language (OVALL) provides a visual editable map of the live data flows that choreograph the output of the particular work. The creator can interactively sculpt the behaviour by making and adjusting new links between sensors and effects.

OVALL literally changes the rules of programming. Most importantly, as the artist creates and interacts with the piece, s/he can use qualitative modes of thought rather than the rather more precise quantitative styles that computers typically demand. By supporting a relativistic, qualitative "up-or-down" style of visual thinking, rather than a linear quantitative (#640±#x.int*#480±.#y.int) numeric style, OVALL shifts the computational burden to the computer, freeing the creative mind to focus on the project itself.

This simple visual programming model provides very simple coding rules for the user, yet produces highly complex and dramatic results. It is essentially foolproof; all links are between tested code fragments. So, no crashing programs! When you make new links, you can immediately interact with the piece in new ways and immediately see the results. All this accelerates creativity by allowing a much more rapid exploration of possibilities and makes for much more complex and live interactivity.

Try it out the OVALL concept below; this drag-n-drop model shows you how the combinations are endless! Of course, you need Onadime Composer™ to see it in action…

The Real-Time Compositor

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World-Sail Publishing System

World-Sail is a patented e-commerce software distribution model that makes filesharing a good thing for everyone. It allows a digital softgood, such as an Onadime Composition, to be quickly wrapped as a net-worthy product. The soft-good can be immediately shared, bought, shared, and resold using any means of distribution available. It eliminates the "fortress" mentality of content archives and rewards every layer of content creation, agreggation and file sharing as a form of beneficial marketing.