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Company History

In 1997, President and CEO, Bruce Mitchell, began working with system architect Geoff Coco and designer Phillip Reay to develop a new multimedia art tool. Coco and Reay had worked together at the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington and not only possessed the expertise to make Mitchell's vision come to life, but they shared in his belief that technology should enhance, not impede, human capability. Together, they created the first Compositions, computer-based art responding to sound and movement in real time.

In 1998, to facilitate playing Compositions, the fledgling team developed the Onadime Free Player™ prototype. As Onadime evolved, the team expanded to include designer and programmer Randy Jones and developer Dale Stammen. Artists Edd Cox and Cieulien Tong were also recruited to compose new works of art. In January 2000, after a year of beta testing, the Onadime Player™ was unveiled at MacWorld in San Francisco.

In 1999, to allow users access to the full potential of Onadime, the creative team developed the Onadime Composer™ prototype; beta testing began in 2000, and Onadime Composer™ was released later the same year.

Since 2000, schools, universities, teachers, students, artists, musicians, DJ's and producers from around the world have adopted Onadime as a means to teach, learn, create, express, perform and entertain. Onadime also holds two patents on work developed by Coco and Reay, one for World-Sail, a peer-to-peer "dandelion" file distribution e-commerce sales system, and the other for OVALL, the real-time visual dataflow programming technology.

Since 2004, Onadime has been a member of a four-company alliance. Together with PerformFX, Overdrive, and Technology Playgroup, Onadime offers a complete and versatile technology chain capable of meeting the highest production standard in all fields of 3D and 2D character animation.

Onadime has worked with artists across the world who have begun to put it to use in stunning live performances. Onadime music-visuals were performed at the 2000 23rd Annual California Music Awards in the Bill Graham Auditorium, San Francisco, and the event was streamed live by Yahoo to an online audience of over 1.5 million. MTV featured Onadime in its millennial celebration in Times Square, New York. See News for information on more Onadime events.