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Onadime is a Revolutionary Learning Tool

We're committed to education and are in development of new educational products. Please contact us if you have an educational project for which you would like to explore licensing Onadime.

Learn more about how Onadime works.

Made to fit the human mind.

Onadime is a real-time digital media toolkit. With it anyone can continuously remix media materials ( such as text, still images, movies, photos) so they immediately and respond to sounds, mouse movements, keyboards and more. By combining the cognitive, the sensory, and the intuitive, Onadime engages the student's whole attention during learning. Create your own courseware, choose from Onadime content, or let your students create their own.

The Onadime software suite contains three main components:

Onadime Playerâ„¢ / The live media performance window.
Load, play, perform, and interact with libraries of Onadime Compositions.

Onadime Compositions / The live media.
These digital-media creations choreograph media based on continuous live sensors inputs, creating a whole new universe of interactive multimedia. We are developing a foundation library of educational compositions that embrace the entire learning spectrum. Onadime provides a very plastic and flexible scaffold to create educational compositions that interactively teach music, color theory, mathematics, geometry, fractals, as well as basic core motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Onadime offers a unique and powerful platform for engaging our real-time human senses and developing new skills and understanding.

Onadime Composerâ„¢ / The creative toolkit.