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digital puppetry


Developed by Phillip Reay, Onamation™ creates live digital puppets with instant voice lip-sync — one of the most expensive animation tasks. Lip sync is generally done off-line and off-shore, involving months of production time. Onamation™ offers instant script changes, touch-up editing of completed performances, easy language translation and dialog updates, all resulting in substantial cost-savings. Most importantly, it offers brand new animation effects and staging opportunities by bringing animated characters fully to life.

A new breed of animation that is remixed in the moment to produce a live interactive character, Onadime’s patented real-time technology delivers a revolutionary live digital puppetry system. A voice actor's character impression undergoes real-time voice-recognition to create animated lip-sync, while puppeteers interactively coordinate mood and body motions. All this combines at the instant of production to deliver a unique and vital live performance in each moment.

Onamation™ provides these key benefits over other systems:

Live performance may be run to tape and edited just as live actors are edited. Because Onamation™ remixes images, the source material can be produced in any way. The process can use photos, as well as drawings, computer renderings, claymation, stop action, or any other method of producing the character media. As well, performances may be done on green screens for keying into live action, or on virtual animated sets for a whole shot. Phillip Reay and Onadime retain all rights to the Onamation™ technology.

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