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image: %s Bio: Untimely ripped from his mother's womb, he suffered expulsion anxiety as a youth in the golden-hilled Copper River Valley of his home state, Nirvana, located above its demonic cousin state, Nevada, on the wind-swept Astral Plane. He overcame the shyness inherent in expulsion anxiety by dressing in bright colors, which many found ostentatious, but in fact served the opposite function in his psyche. The array of colors distracted attention from himself to his clothes. In seeking more and more effective camouflage, he was lured into the notion of changing clothes very quickly, so that the blur of changing colors would more effectively draw attention away from him. The goal then became to change so fast, no set of clothes would be distinguished as things unto themselves. He would effectively disappear inside a flashing panoply of color. The panoply of change at the extreme would provide no information at all on the essence inside that drove the transformations. In this way, the ultimate anonymity of time was sought: Time, hiding inside the array of changing seasons, absorbing attention in the spread of summerfallwinterspring, with almost 100% invisibility attained for time itself, was master of the art to which he aspired, inside a swirl of colors.

In motion, time is in fact naked. Things that move are time. It is in the relationships of things that the energy and spirit of people and places can be seen. But to see thus, the imagination's eye must be well tuned by the dance that understanding does with experience. In Onadime's art of interactive motion, the dance can be experienced, and engaged in, as the process impacts the evolution of…" At that point, he faded away.

Compositions: Circle Squared, Environment & Mind, Lillypod2x SloSound, Mirror of Dreams, Personalities Aflame, Sound Weaving, StaticVibeThruster.

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