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bugs live 2003

Bugs Bunny “Back in Action” Gives Live Interviews

Uncut segment as it aired Nov 2003. Onadime produced
the live interviews with Bugs Bunny sitting in the chair.
Outakes of the movie are shown as well.

Developed by Phillip Reay, Onamation™ is a platform for live digital puppets with instant voice lip-sync. Onamation characters can perform live for any audience, or be recorded to tape and edited.

Eric Goldberg, Warner Brothers Director and Head Animator for the full length feature film "Looney Tunes: Back In Action", also provided the amazing live character impression of Bugs and the original hand drawings. His voice undergoes real-time voice-recognition to create animated lip-sync while puppeteers interactively coordinate mood and body motions. All this combines in the ongoing instant of production to deliver a unique and vital live performance in each moment. The Bugs Character is actually in the interview room, interacting via monitors to carry on a real improv dialog.

"Revolutionary Technology"

Looney Tunes "Back In Action" Movie Poster
Onamation brings together a variety of artforms, animation, voice improv, puppetry, stage craft, digital compositing, and video editing, to create a unified performance with live presence. On successful completion of the Bugs Bunny media junket (over 80 live interviews in two days), Eric congratulated Phillip for perfecting the revolutionary technology, saying "this is the holy grail of animation that everyone has been looking for."

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