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bloo upfronts 2005

"Bloo Live" Co-Host at Cartoon Network's "Upfronts" in NYC & LA

Developed by Phillip Reay, Onamation™ is a platform for live digital puppets with instant voice lip-sync. Onamation characters can perform live for any audience, or be recorded to tape and edited.
Bloo from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
On February 16th and March 2nd of 2005, Onadime performed two unprecedented live shows for Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network and Warner Brother’s The Kid’s WB for the "upfront" presentations in New York and Los Angeles. The cartoon character, Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo, from "Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends" performed and conversed live with the audience of advertisers and Time-Warner executives.

The "Bloo" character voice was performed by Keith Ferguson, while Bruce Lanoil and Dave Barclay of PerformFX performed the real-time puppetry. Technically, the sound of the voice actor and the live data from the digital puppeteers were mixed by "Bloo Live," Phillip Reay's Onadime composition, to create an interactive Bloo image.

Working with the Cartoon Network production team, Phillip developed a fully interactive digital puppet of the Bllo Character. Keith Fergusons voice performance undergoes real-time voice-recognition to create animated lip-sync while the puppeteers interactively coordinate mood and body motions. All this combines in the ongoing instant of production to deliver a unique and vital live performance in each moment. The Bloo Character is actually in the room, on stage behind the Main speaker, even interacting with the audience to carry on a real improv dialog.

"Bloo Live" co-hosts Cartoon Network TV Pilot

In another later event, November of 2005, this same character wrapped a great week shooting a pilot for Cartoon Network in Atlanta, Georgia.

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