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Company Profile

Bugs Live at Pro Production 2002 in San Diego
Started in 1997, Onadime is a real-time digital media software company offering production services and tools dedicated to creating dynamic interactive full-sensory multimedia experiences.

Our original mac-based platform Onadime Composer let us listen to live sound and produce video graphics for live stage music-visuals. This sound-listening ability has grown into Onamation, a full-fledged web-enabled live digital character animation platform. Our live-action digital puppets have real-time lip-synching to live improv voice performance, allowing live interviews with any animated character, regardless of drawing style. Working with major hollywood clients we have brought many famous characters such as Space Ghost, Bloo, and Bugs Bunny to life; appearing on-stage at Trade Shows, private events, and in studio productions for major film promotions.

Onadime is now developing vertical applications and licensing partnerships for it's technology.