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Mac Addict Gives Onadime Composer Two Thumbs Up And Spiffy Award

Seattle, Wash. - (MARKET WIRE) - 10/24/2001 - Onadime Composer has received words of praise, two thumbs up and the Spiffy Award in Mac Addict Magazine's November issue and on macaddict.com. Mac Addicts writes, "Composer's user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop programming, and concise PDF manual made us feel like instant multimedia mavens."

Mac Addict online review: http://www.macaddict.com/issues/0111/rev.composer.html

Onadime Composer™ is a Macintosh-based creative toolkit that mixes sound, visuals, and movement in real-time. Composer lets you create music visuals, video effects, live performances, real-time digital art and multimedia unlike any other software on the market.

"It's intuitive…" writes Mac Addict. They go on to say, "Using Composer is much easier than trying to understand it." The Onadime team is proud of making such an expansive tool that's easy to use. Onadime Creative Director, Phillip Reay, says, "Onadime unifies all the familiar computer inputs, outputs, and media types into one simple visual toolkit. Onadime is a bridge from the digital realm to the human world of sight, sound and motion. You can coordinate an immense number of variables fluidly, in real-time."

The Onadime system is laden with innovation. Initially, some seasoned Mac users may find some of these innovations unfamiliar but, after spending time with Onadime Composer™, most people soon wish all software had these features.

The well-thought out Onadime Composer™ architecture leads Mac Addict to conclude that Onadime Composer™ offers "Nearly effortless motion-graphics creation. Intuitive GUI. Excellent manual…We had a blast both creating and playing with live media in Composer."

Free demos of Onadime Composer™, Onadime Player™ and Onadime Compositions are available at http://www.onadime.com/products/democomposer.html

Onadime has been used by MTV, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Experience Music Project, Cornell University Media Lab, and hundreds of artists, performers, musicians and educators around the globe.

For more information and interview opportunities, contact Jim McCullough, by sending mail to: jim@onadime.com.

About Onadime
Onadime develops and provides innovative software for expression and distributes creative content on the web. Products and free downloads can be accessed at www.onadime.com. Onadime is based in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Contact: Jim McCullough
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