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Onadime Spearheads Human Invasion of the Computer

Seattle, Wash. - (July 11, 2000) - At Onadime Inc., a startup company in Seattle, Washington, USA, web site hits went from 200 a day to 45,000 with its first press release in August of 1999. 8000 downloads of Onadime software to 64 countries followed quickly. Why? Never before have people been so able to make their computers respond to them.

Onadime at Macworld NY
At Macworld New York in the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, July 18-21, in Booth 2155, the software that made it happen, the Onadime Player™, and the CD that followed, SEE THE MUSIC, volume 1, will be available for first-hand demonstration.

Onadime Performances
Onadime performances range from Thesaloniki, Greece, to San Francisco, California. MTV used Onadime Compositions in its real wordless Millennium Bunker under Times Square for New Year's 2000. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies in New York on March 6th, used Onadime Compositions to distinguish the backdrop of presenters and acts. This year's California Music Awards in San Francisco featured Onadime Compositions on big screens.

Seattle Art Museum's Black and White Ball
The Seattle Art Museum featured Onadime at its biannual Black and White Ball in May. The Onadime Player™ and Onadime Compositions complement these events because they make the computer respond to human events as they happen. The voices of live people and music of the Black and White Ball made Onadime Compositions dance on a wall 30 feet high and 20 feet wide. The life of the party was translated instantly by Onadime into visual images. Every moment is painted by human intelligence and creativity applied to computers through Onadime software.

Onadime's Family of Products
The Onadime software family includes the Onadime Free Player™, the Onadime Performer™, and the Onadime Composer™. The Onadime Player Plus™ is the first in the Onadime Performer™ series. Each will be on display at Macworld NY, in Jacob Javits Center, July 18-21. The latest version of the Onadime Free Player™ is available at http://www.onadime.com.

Contact: Jim McCullough
Telephone: 415-331-6226
Email: jim@onadime.com

Onadime, Inc.
P.O. Box 99151, Seattle, WA 98199 USA
Voice 206-283-3492 (USA 011)