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Onadime Composer to Demo at Macworld Expo NY

Seattle, Wash. - (July 10, 2001) - Onadime, Inc., will be demonstrating its breakthrough patented software technology, Onadime Composer™, at Macworld Expo in New York, July 18-20, in the Digital Media Special Interest Area, Booth 2303. Onadime Composer™, now available at http://www.onadime.com, has been called, "the most revolutionary leap in creativity for the Mac since the introduction of PhotoShop."

(who made quote re: "the most revolutionary leap in creativity for the Mac since the introduction of PhotoShop." Let's get their name/title, etc. onto the page ‡)

Onadime Composer Now Shipping
Onadime Composer™ is a Macintosh-based creative toolkit that links sound, visuals, and movement using real-time programming. Onadime Composer™ lets you create music visuals, video effects, live performances, real-time digital art and multimedia unlike any other software on the market. http//www.onadime.com/products/composer.html

Onadime Composer Delivers Three Powerful Resources
- Onadime Visual Link Language (OVALL)
- Real-time Digital Canvas
- Live-Performance System

Breakthrough Patented Technology
The most dramatic feature of OVALL is its patented live-action programming. Digitized images and sounds interplay with other entities and events. Programming in Onadime is as simple as drag-and-drop. There's no waiting for the program to compile. Make a link and instantly see what happens.

Real-Time Digital Canvas
Onadime Composer's Digital Canvas can mix live video, still images, text, computer-generated graphics, QuickTime, and MPEG movies. Onadime adds audio capabilities and effects, full MIDI implementation and instant response to live music, MP3s, and CDs. Blend Media in real time and design customized inputs to drive the mix. Save your work as Onadime Compositions.

System for Live Performances
Onadime Composer™ makes complex technology accessible to non-programmers. This live environment distinguishes Onadime and has established a new multifaceted art form that will transform the future of creativity. Compositions created with Onadime Composer™ are distributed globally on http://www.onadime.com/, and provide royalties for composers. The Onadime Player™ allows anyone to experience Onadime Compositions.

Bruce Mitchell, President of Onadime, Conveys His Vision
"Our intention at Onadime is to broaden the scope of human expression. The Onadime Composer™ integrates what you see, what you hear, how you move and feel into one new multidimensional form of expression — a form that is open to everyone!"

Onadime's Performance Resume
Onadime has been used at such events as the MTV Bunker Project in Times Square, New York, the 15th Induction Ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the 23rd California Music Awards, and the Experience Music Project in Seattle.

About Onadime, Inc.
Onadime, Inc., develops and provides innovative software for creative expression and delivers the results to global audiences. Onadime is a new breed of real-time digital media that enables users to mix images and sound that respond to live dynamics. Onadime, Inc., is based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Products and free downloads can be accessed on the web at http://www.onadime.com/.

Contact: Jim McCullough
Telephone: 415-331-6226
Email: jim@onadime.com

Onadime, Inc.
P.O. Box 99151, Seattle, WA 98199 USA
Voice 206-283-3492 (USA 011)