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MTV 1999

Onadime Software Live in MTV Bunker Project for Y2K

December 26, 1999 - January 1, 2000
Times Square, New York City

MTV Bunker Project Media Room In December of 1999, Onadime, Inc., teamed up with MTV Online to provide live interactive entertainment for a group of "Real World" style "Bunkernauts" who were sealed inside MTV's Bunker Project. The six Bunkernauts lived underground in Times Square in temporary quarters built out of tornado shelters in the basement of the New York Times building. They were isolated together for seven days from December 26th through the early hours of New Year's Day, 2000, while MTV.com web cameras rolled 24/7. Anyone with Web access could tune into the live events of the Bunker Project at http://www.mtv.com.

Bunkernauts within the bunker grooved to Onadime's spectacular computer images flashing across a 10' x 10' "Interactive Station" video wall in the Media Room. Onadime performed live distortions of video feeds and karaoke performances, projected real-time synthesis of visual music driven by the sounds of the Bunker. Voices, machinery, ambient sounds, and the music of MTV drove continuous real-time representations of the Bunker scene. The Media Room video wall became a creative mirror of live events, transforming commonplace and exceptional scenes into "live" dynamic computer art.

Onadime is the very latest in real-time creativity software which blends video and audio synthesis technologies into a fully interactive computer application. Onadime Free Playerâ„¢ is available for free download at the Onadime website at onadime.com.

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