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ICMC 1997

Onadime Composer Receives Honors at ICMC in Greece

ICMC '97 (International Computer Music Conference)
Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
September 25-30, 1997

"FREE TIME Dynamic Multimedia Explorer"
(This project was the prototype for Onadime Composerâ„¢.)
with Bruce Mitchell, Phillip Reay, Geoff Coco, Andy Schloss, & Michael Lee.
Paradigm Learning Systems and the Frontiers of Perception Institute.

This interactive musical installation allowed visitors to explore a variety of real-time music and visual instruments based on several different sensors, such as the midi radio drum, trackballs, and a 3D spatially-tracked ball. Each sensor contributed as an instrument to an ensemble, allowing multiple people to interact musically. Over 300 local Greek school children were toured through the work.

(need description of which honor Onadime/Free Time received at ICMC in Greece ‡)

"Multimedia Education" (New Multimedia Technologies and Children)
Satellite meeting of ICMC '97

September 27-29, 1997

"FREE TIME" is a computer mediated interactive environment, designed to merge creativity and learning in children's minds. Children choose instruments made of sensors, and using these instruments, they play with music and light. In playing, they can gain capacity to change the environment as they see fit. Multiple presentations of FREE TIME were made.