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Onadime • The Live Digital Medium

Welcome to Onadime! We make the fastest interactive multi-media software on the planet, transforming your computer into a new jazz instrument for digital media. We've delivered cutting-edge music-visual stage effects for world tour with the Rolling Stones, and made history with our Onamation live digital characters - Bringing Bugs Bunny for Warner Brothers Pictures and Bloo for Cartoon Network to Life!

Onamation • Live Digital Puppets

Uncut segment as it aired. Onadime produced the
live interviews with Bugs Bunny sitting in the chair.
Outakes of the movie are shown as well.

Our live animation platform creates fully interactive digital puppets that interact to live improv voice; giving interviews with the international media, making keynote presentations, co-hosting live-action TV shows, and appearing live onstage. We are experienced in working with world-class clients to provide the key production services needed to make our tools work for your project.

Onamation • Live Digital Presence